The Most Epic Launch Party Ever (Feat. School for Good & Evil Movie Cast)

EverNever TV
September 24, 2021


I can’t wait to get my copie of beasts and beauty. I love fairytale spins and so an is my all time favourite author!

SGE fan! Reply

OMG!!!!! I can not wait!!!!

AgathaThePrincess Reply

It was AMAZING, wasn't it?

Coolk Reply

Anybody know where the Beast and Beauty preorder link is?

Coolk Reply

Is there a specific release date for the movie?

RayRay Reply

I cant wait for the movie!!!!!!

RayRay Reply

OMG I FINISHED BEASTS AND BEAUTY AND IT IS SO GOOD!!!! I cried during the last story and started freaking out because I knew it was ****'s dad!!! no spoilers >:) AHHH IT'S SO GOOD!! I LOVED how it connected to SGE so beautifully!!👏👏👏

anadil-ratz Reply

    Ya beasts and beauty was AWSOME

    RayRay Reply

    Omg sameeeeee! I was like, "OMG ITS ****'S DAD!!!!!! THIS IS SO COOL!!!!" **** was made from love!!! <3

    AgathaThePrincess Reply

    Wait. Hang on. There is an Anadil-Ratz?! If there was a DotChocolate we could probably be the ‘Comment Coven!’

    HesterDemon Reply

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