Speaking Engagements

As much as I love writing THE SCHOOL FOR GOOD AND EVIL, I love visiting readers even more. Since the first book came out, I’ve visited dozens of schools and met thousands of witty, feisty, and imaginative students of every age across the world. (Students who would do just fine at The School for Good and Evil themselves!)

In addition to an international tour for the release of each book, I can be booked for school visits throughout the year. To inquire about a visit to your school, e-mail me here.

My presentations

My visits to schools for THE SCHOOL FOR GOOD AND EVIL are fully interactive presentations that can be scaled for any age group. Presentations can last anywhere from 15 minutes to 90 minutes!

For the younger kids (grades 3-5), I focus more on my lifelong obsession with fairy tales and how THE SCHOOL FOR GOOD AND EVIL shakes up their usual definitions of Good and Evil, Boy and Girl, and Young and Old.

For the older kids (grades 6-12), I focus more on how I became a writer, the weightier themes in SGE, my work in film, and what it’s been like to work on the movie for THE SCHOOL FOR GOOD AND EVIL.

Regardless of age, the presentation includes videos, group discussion, prize raffles, and most popular of all, the “Are You Good or Evil?” challenge, which lets students (and teachers!) figure out which school they’d be sorted into.

Teachers can prepare students for the visit with the SGE curriculum and discussion guides, aligned with Common Core standards. Both guides are available below.


    Interactive Workbook


    Book 1: SGE Full Discussion Guide


    Book 1: Short Discussion Guide


    Book 2: Discussion Guide


    Book Tour