EverNever TV: The Link Between Beasts & Beauty and the School for Good & Evil

EverNever TV
September 17, 2021


The link is Hort. in Peter Pan Remember? Frog pagamas Hort was always obsessed with them and he said his dad was a pirate and Scorie seemed pretty nice and Hort was realy close to his dad so I think thats the link

Hesterdemonface@ Reply

    at least I thought..........................

    Hesterdemonface@ Reply

how are Hansel and Gretel super old, and yet Hester isn't?

anniana Reply

    I always thought that Hester's mom had Hester at a) a later age, and b) took some sort of age-reducing potion or something *shrug*

    Jafaristhebest Reply

Okay... link between SGE and Beasts and Beauty... a character, too, I believe... ANADIL??? She does look a lot like the person on the cover... And, if I'm reading the subtitles correctly, there is a virtual launch party on the 24? That is or isn't free; I missed that part--

Jafaristhebest Reply

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