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September 1, 2021

Greetings and welcome to Soman Chainani’s EverNever World — a universe of magic, mystery, and wonder, where the School for Good & Evil series will be one world among many. I’m your guide Jun here to show you the ins and outs of EverNever.com, Soman’s new website that will be the home all his fantasy worlds, both past, present, AND future… So step in and let’s begin our journey…

This is the front page of EverNever.com:

Here, you will find Soman’s spotlit books and the latest news on all things Ever and Never. You can also click the “Events” button to bring up a list of Soman’s upcoming appearances. Clicking on a date will take you to a third party site with more details:

We’re going to start our tour by visiting the first item on the top menu bar — “The Library — here is where you’ll be able to explore all of Soman’s books in detail:

Once you’re in the Library, you can select which book you want to explore. On each book’s page, you can read or listen to an extract, watch the book’s trailer, and see reviews:

You can order a book by selecting your country and retailer of choice:

The second top menu section we’re going to cover is “The Looking Glass”:

This is your portal to all kinds of fun stuff!

Maps of legendary places in Soman’s books… Quizzes that will reveal the deepest secrets of your soul… Digital wallpapers, to deck out your devices in the latest EverNever skins… And galleries where you can see the best of your fellow readers’ fan-art, and submit your own creations for the chance to win exclusive prizes…

We’ll be hosting these contests and whole lot more on the Bulletin, which you can access from the top menu:

Here you’ll find everything from latest news about the School for Good & Evil movie, to Soman’s upcoming appearances, and the most recent episodes of EverNever TV, EverNever World’s weekly Youtube show hosted by yours truly.

You can join the conversation by scrolling down to the comment section of each post. To comment, fill out your display name and email address. Once your comment is reviewed, it will be posted publicly. You can also reply to other people’s comments in the same way, to create threads:

Our last top menu item is the Storian section. Here you’ll find Soman’s biography, live Instagram feed, and Q&A answering some commonly asked questions:

Rounding out our tour, we have the Press section, where you’ll find a list of awards, as well as links to the top news stories about EverNever World projects:

Last but not least we have the Educators section where there are all kinds of great resources to deepen your discussion of Soman’s books:

Don’t forget to check out the SGE Interactive Workbook, which has loads of fun games and activities. If you’re interested in having Soman for a speaking engagement, you can submit your request using the form located here:

And that concludes our tour of EverNever.com! We’re so excited to share with you this new portal into Soman’s EverNever World, as it grows and develops in the years to come!


I am so glad to have somewhere to finally be able to rant about this amazing book series. And trust me, I have a lot to say!

Nisa, Reply

This is awesome! It looks so fancy and cool! Also, I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE MOVIE 😂🤣🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

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so exciting!! 🥰

ellie Reply

i'll miss the old site, but the vibes are great here

liv/pugsforever Reply

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