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November 19, 2021

Happy Friday, Evs and Nevs!

It’s your resident author here, with a long-awaited blog. It’s been a crazy six months to say the least. Visiting the SGE film set, finishing a new book for 2022, promoting BEASTS & BEAUTY, going on the Kelly Clarkson Show, launching this new website, hosting the Yallfest Smackdown which is this crazy complicated variety show featuring 30 of the world’s biggest YA authors…

My brain basically broke, ha ha.

But the good news is the #1 priority is always the books and I’m so proud of how BEASTS & BEAUTY turned out and just as proud of my new book coming in 2022, which I think you will be shocked by and will hopefully love as much as I do. 

We’ll be announcing that new book on December 7, with a countdown on my Instagram, EverNeverTV, Twitter, and this website starting on December 3rd… so stayed tuned. Any guesses as to what my next book will be? Tell me in the comments below. I’m curious if anyone guesses it…

As for BEASTS & BEAUTY, thank you for embracing it wholeheartedly. I thought it was going to be this small little book of dangerous tales that me and only my family would read — and instead you’ve spread it across the world with alarming speed. 

It’s been a mainstay on bestseller lists and is now nominated for Goodreads Best Book of the Year in the Children’s/Middle Grade category — my favorite category, because I love to cause trouble amongst the youth 🙂 Here in the States, we published BEASTS & BEAUTY as a children’s book because I wanted to disrupt the kind of Disneyfied minds of readers here. But elsewhere in the world, it’s published for young adults or even adults, in the case of the UK. The goal was to write a book that we could publish for different audiences, depending on where it made sense, and I’m thrilled that dream has come to life. And a TV adaptation might be on the way soon…..

If you want to vote in the contest, you can do that right here:

Meanwhile, I know you’re all super jazzed about the movie, which comes out in the second half of next year. I’m not allowed to tell you the release date quite yet, but that hopefully narrows it down a little, ha ha. What I can tell you is the movie is going to be *wonderful* and it’s directed by Paul Feig, literally my favorite director in the universe, so the fact that he’s the one bringing SGE to life and that I’ve gotten to spend time with him and become friends is… ludicrous. We’re all excited for you to see the film, of course, when the time comes, and we’ll have so much more news coming in 2022. In the meantime, Paul and his team are hard at work, because it’s a BIG movie, so there is a lot to get done!

It’s a Netflix movie, of course, and they have been absolutely dream partners so far, and I’ve been working quite closely with them along the way. You as fans will most certainly be involved, so stay tuned for much, much more. 

Also, I’m on TikTok now! I am not… good… at TikTok… but luckily I have the amazing Ellie Pasquale, a once SGE superfan and now an integral part of our team, helping us. (Ellie is so integral that she is one of only four people who knows what my next book is!!!) Ellie is the bomb and you’ll see her pop up in some of my TikToks @somanchainani.

Also an integral part of our team is the amazing… JUN. You guys know him from EverNeverTV, of course. But what you don’t know is he had to help plan a massive 9-song, 6-costume-change dance number for me, him, and Ramon to do in front of 2000 people at the Yallfest Smackdown to open the show. I got to host the show, a true honor, and we wanted to do a full on Madonna style spectacular. Check out some of the pics (and the full video HERE…)

Ellie Pasquale helped produce a fantastic show for us and we really had the best time with Ramon, Jun, Ellie, and myself together all weekend.

That’s the update for now, I think. Lots more to come. We’re always working here at EverNever World, but that’s how you like us 🙂

Love you guys and thank you for continuing to be such fantastic readers.




Omg Soman I’m on the 3rd book and it’s absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for starting this series! It’s the absolute best series ever!

Rhian Reply

i'm guessing some sort of PAN/neverland series for the next book(s?)! countdown ON! :D and you and JUN absolutely RocKEd y'all fest. so incredibly grateful i got to see it live and in person! was in awe of all the author awesomeness absolutely all weekend. congrats on the craziness that was second-half-of-2021, and excited for your spectacular 2022 to come!

hallie Reply

Please please please where's the countdown🥺🥺I need it so much! I guess the new book is somehow related to an SGE character??

Arlene Reply

Ooh i can't wait to see what the new book is!!

@hester112 (they/them) Reply

Interested to see what the new book announcement is, I hope it's the start of a new original series (Maybe fairy tale). Wish the movie was theatrical though, really like theatrical movies. Hopefully Netflix decides to release it to theaters, at least for a limited release, because it's something I'd really want to see on the Big Screen (and maybe add to my DVD collection). Paul Feig also seems a good director from his work on the 2016 Ghostbusters, so I'd like to see how he handled School for Good and Evil.

R-Gii Reply

A Beasts and Beauty sequel maybe?? 🤩

anadil-ratz Reply

I had the same thought as @LELIANA. A School for Good and Evil book 7!

RayRay Reply

Second half? I was going to check on New Year’s Day and every day after that! Can you at least give us the season? That narrows it down a bit more… to three months. Just curious!

HesterDemon Reply

    lol. definitely agree. please Soman🥺

    RayRay Reply

i bet your next book is a the third series of sge where the characters are all grown up :D

leliana Reply

I always go to the theaters to see big films I really want to see, and School for Good and Evil is a big film I'd really want to see.

Everest Canyon Reply

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