Beasts & Beauty Photo Countdown

September 9, 2021

To countdown to the September 21st release date of BEASTS BEAUTY, we are posting a photo each day featuring a character from one of the book’s fairytales.

Can you guess the tale? Leave your answer for each day in the comments below!

Day 0

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

Day 8


DAY 10

DAY 11

DAY 12


what is day 0, does anyone smart know? i have no idea LOL

AgathaRaven Reply

Day 7 is Snow White. Day 11 kind of looks like Jun. Soman, I want to ask you: Are all these photos related to Beasts and Beauty?

HesterDemon Reply

    Who's Jun? Day 5 I think is Bluebeard because of the keys!

    AgathaRaven Reply

      Jun is the guy that normally steps in for Soman and makes most of the videos.

      Narcissa Reply

Anadil-Ratz, I agree! I am so excited for this book to release!

HesterDemon Reply

Day 10 is definitely the Little Mermaid. I do know fairytales well. Soman - I think every pic you post is from a fairytale in Beasts and Beauty?

HesterDemon Reply

i think it's rumpelstiltskin

Sara Castaldi- Velez Reply

DAY 12: Rumpelstiltskin - There is gold on her fingers and golden thread on the spinning wheel. DAY 11: Beauty & the Beast? - All the red petals, it could be after the beast turns into a human?

@kiaraofrainbowgale Reply

    Hmmm… Well thought

    HesterDemon Reply

I think Day 11 was Prince Phillip and Day 12 was Aurora. The vines in the background and the spinning wheel are like from the original story.

Coolk Reply

I think it's Briar Rose-- mostly because of the blonde hair and the spinning wheel. So excited for Beasts and Beauty!!

anadil-ratz Reply

    I think it's Rumpelstiltskin because it's a spinning wheel and she has gold on her fingers

    Cora Reply

      Day 1 - Peter Pan Day 2 - Rapunzel Day 3 - Beauty and the Beast Day 4 - Red Riding Hood Day 5 - Bluebeard Day 6 - Cinderella Day 7 - Snow White Day 8 - Jack and the Beanstalk Day 9 - Hansel and Gretel Day 10 - The Little Mermaid Day 11 - Sleeping Beauty Day 12 - Rumpelstiltskin

      FoxwoodEagle Reply

        I recently finished Beasts and Beauty (LOVED IT BTW) and I totally agree with you, foxwoodeagle!!


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