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September 16, 2021

Hey folks,

Next week is the official launch of BEASTS & BEAUTY and here’s the chance to meet Soman one-on-one in your own special chat!

All you have to do is book your private virtual Meet & Greet with Soman on one of the two following dates. Click on the date you want, order your book, and claim your time!

Changing Hands Bookstore

September 22nd – 9:30 PM ET


Blue Willow Bookshop

September 23rd – 6:00 PM ET


You should do something near Webster NY

SGEfam4life Reply

You should definitely come to Tampa!

Sara Reply

I GOT THE BOOK THE DAY IT RELEASED IM SO HAPPY! Thank you Soman, for letting us all into a one of a kind world.

Evelyn Reply

ahh!!! I wish I could meet him. Are you doing a tour around the country for beasts and beauty because you've only come to my state like 2 times and I really want to meet you.

Hesteristhebest Reply


    Evelyn Reply

Am a big fan!!! I really wish I could come but sadly I can't, your books are to amazing and different it's like fairy tables for teens. LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!

Irah Anand Reply

I would if I could! Sorry, Soman, but I am a big SGE fan but a) NO OVERSEAS TRAVEL b) I LIVE IN AUSTRALIA UNLIKE YOU Wish i could tho.

HesterDemon Reply

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