Old/Young Quiz

July 1, 2021

Dear Students,

Gone are the days when you wasted time with Good — either learning it OR learning how to fight it.

After your inconsequential first and second years, no longer are the schools divided into Good and Evil. They are fully united in villainy and mayhem, separated only by generational experience.

Welcome to the School for Old and New.

This entrance exam will determine where you fit into the new world order we are creating. Each question is designed to delve deep into your soul to determine how much of it is Old and how much of it is Young.

Take it as many times as you wish. Each time, the questions will change. But you are Evil through and through, or on your way to becoming so. There is no alternate option. All that is left is to determine is your path going forward.

If you enter the School for Old, you will refresh your memory with courses that will remind you of all the ways you can rewrite your tale endings, and additionally prepare you for newly undead life. If you enter the School for New, you will learn how to use your energy and youth to bring glory to villainy.

Just remember: wherever you are placed, Evil will prevail.

Which school is yours?

The School Master

United States

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