Good/Evil Quiz

July 1, 2021

Dear Readers,

Welcome to the School for Good and Evil.

Your acceptance to our legendary institution is a rare achievement. For thousands of years, the greatest of heroes and villains have come through our classrooms before they entered into the Endless Woods to find their stories.

If you enter the School for Good, you will discover the arts of chivalry, friendship, and good deeds in your quest for love. If you enter the School for Evil, you will explore darkness, mischief, and transformation in your quest for power. But whether you are Good or Evil, an Ever or a Never, you must learn to respect one another, for no matter how different you may seem, you cannot exist without the other. The line between a princess and a witch is a very thin one indeed...

But for now, open your hearts and minds to a new adventure. In four short years, you too will graduate into a fairy tale of your own. That is, if you don’t stumble into one while you’re here. Two friends are about to learn that lesson, and you’ll be there from the very beginning.

And with that, I must leave you to your schedule, your books, and your fates with one last question…

Which school is yours?

The School Master

United States

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