Boy/Girl Quiz

July 1, 2021

Dear Students,

After your tumultuous first year at the School for Good and Evil, I have arrived to restore order as your new Dean. No longer are the schools divided into Good and Evil, but instead by a new separation… Welcome to the School for Boys and Girls.

You are about to take my carefully developed entrance exam to my new and improved institution. This exam will delve deep into your soul to determine how much of it is a Boy’s and how much of it is a Girl’s.

Take it as many times as you wish. Each time, the questions will change. But they will always bear out the truth.

If you enter the School for Girls, you will discover the arts of Debeautification, Princeless Power, Defense against Boys, and Female Talents in your quest to create a world without princes. If you enter the School for Boys, you will explore classes like Weapons for Boys, Survival of the Fittest, Defense Against Girls, and Fraternity & Teamwork. Whichever school you are put into, take your studies seriously… for the War of Boys vs. Girls are coming, and only one side will survive.

Now I must leave you to your brand new school. Dip your quills, open your hearts, and prepare to answer the greatest question of all:

Which school is yours?

Evelyn Sader

United States

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